10 Fun Facts About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is well known and loved by many people, it is known as one of the most fascinating cities in the Netherlands, and this city has some great architecture and immense harbor which makes it a very interesting city. Here are some of the ten facts you would like to know about Rotterdam;


1. Has cube-shaped houses – This place has a lot of nice and interesting architecture, and these cube-shaped houses are just but an example of the most outrageous ones. These cube-shaped houses are privately owned but there is always one house which is open for visitors.


2. One can use a water taxi to travel the city since the city has plenty of canals and rivers; the only great way to explore the city is through a water taxi.


3. After Shanghai, the port of Rotterdam is the second to the largest in the world taking into account tonnage and size.


4. Gutter is the name of their main shopping area – Those who live in Rotterdam have a tendency of nicknaming almost all architectural things in that city. This shopping area was nicknamed a shopping gutter because it was situated on the lower part of the street and without a roof.


5. This city has the highest number of professional football clubs in the Netherlands. But this really does not mean that they deliver much because it’s been long since any club from Rotterdam shined on a national football competition.


6. It was the first to acquire a completely working metro system


7. Rotterdam is a city that never sleeps, it is open all night – Mondays are great days to go to the pub, Tuesday is always for international parties, and Thursday is student night and its wound up by a weekly party through the weekend. It’s a good place for throwing a bridal shower on a budget


8. Keeps you fit at a cheap cost, it has a university that hosts its own sports center and a cheaper cost.


9. It is probably the only city in the world with a butt plague statue.


10. It is the only city in Holland with a Skyline, the only reason some other cities don’t have this real skyline is that they lack skyscrapers around a harbor or a river.